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Feb 6, 2013 5:30am PST
, but not so well publicized in the impact of redundancy, tax rises, and unpaid bills, the impact it's having on people's mental health. >> behind the faces, there's a growing given toll, the mental trauma of the economic crisis that for many is proving too much. >> we have many more people facing difficulties with depression, with emotional disorders, with anxiety disorders. we have many, many more suicides. [indiscernible] it's a problem for our society. >> a mental dexterity has never been busier. it's counselors operate in every quarter of the country. a suicide hotline received up to 100 calls a day. three-quarters of them over financial difficulties. psychologists point to the breakdown of traditional structures, the tighten its grip family in which the young and old always looked after one another. now over 1 million families, there's not a single member who works. it also point to the longevity of the crisis, a torment of pain and uncertainty that leads many greeks to feel hopeless. in another life, this person might be considered affluent. she inherited eight properties and had a goo
Feb 3, 2013 5:30am PST
of john kerry running for president putting on the camouflaged coat with a sales tax on the back. >> just days before the election, john kerry to ridicule -- regional for appearing in a hunting outfit. there is no way to tell yet how well the president's speech noting -- ski shooting code does to persuade gun owners that he is not out to take their firearms. the white house is not be killed when or if he is going to go shooting again -- has not detailed when or if he is going to go shooting again. >> anti-government protesters of being blamed for the attack. >> in the aftermath of friday's angry demonstration here, and outside the presidential palace. it was the action of the security forces that stopped the protests that shocked egyptians. a 23-year-old was killed, and then there was this, a man stripped naked and beaten by security forces before being bundled into a van. >> i cannot bear seeing someone like that. how can someone drag someone else on the ground like that. we are in egypt, the should not be happening. >> this scene was shameful and degrading. not only was this man's of na
Feb 3, 2013 11:00pm PST
tax. part of austerity measures put in place by the government to reduce the massive debt. he promised sweeping tax cuts if he wins next month's election. >> i will be fighting a next great battle to extend freedom and held it in a state of the gloomy prospect for upon it. >> in terms of economic crisis, people often turn to sports for well-being. think both sea biscuit. even when -- increase even the oldest football club is falling victim to recession. die-hard fans may not be enough to save the team from financial failure. >> the team is everything to these fans. they call it an addiction, a sickness, but lately it is the team itself that is sick. some of the best players have signed up with rival teams. the rest are unhappy, and they are losing matches in the closing minutes through what seems like carelessness. >> they continue to have strong players with expensive contracts. we are going to try to reduce their contract to make the team viable. we are talking about 50%. otherwise they will go bankrupt. >> like the rest of greece, they are cutting down on expenses whenever they kare
Feb 5, 2013 7:00pm PST
tax thresholds. suddenly, individuals earning more than $200,000 a year had to pay 90 percent tax. top hollywood stars, therefore, had to find ways of maintaining their income other than as salary.
Feb 2, 2013 2:00pm PST
meeting with his party, he said he would publish all his tax declarations to clear up the scandal. >> these allegations first surfaced this week in spain's leading center left newspaper. they published account ledgers purportedly showing donations were channeled into secret payments to rajoy and other top party officials. the prime minister issued a firm denial. >> i won't need more than two words. it's also. i have never, i repeat, never received or distributed dirty money, neither in the this party nor anywhere, never. i will say it again. it's false. everything that's been said and all the allegations are false. >> according to the newspaper, the payments were mostly from builders during a construction boom when politicians granted large numbers of development contracts. it's alleged there were 11 years of payments to rajoy of $34,000 a year. the subsequent anger on the streets following spain's economic collapse is directed at politicians whom many regard as corrupt. rajoy's previous reputation for being boring but honest is under attack. prosecutors, already investigating a c
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5